Do you want to automate a process?

Do you have something in mind to be automated within your organization, but you might not (yet) have the required skillset or don’t know where or how to start? We can help you!

Our team and partner network of automation experts know the ins and outs of Automagica and can automate any process which can be performed on a screen.

1 – Describe it.

By uploading a video of you demonstrating the process or delivering us documentation in the form of a PowerPoint, Word-document, whiteboard drawing, …

Hint: with PowerPoint you can easily record your entire screen by following this guide.

2 – Share it with us.

You can share your material by filling out the form below. You can upload any large files through WeTransfer.

Optional: if your company policy requires an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to be signed, please send it to Keep in mind that the NDA should allow us to share any material with our automation experts. All information shared will be regarded as highly confidential and will be treated as such and only serves for the purpose mentioned above.

3 – We get back to you the next day.

Our team of automation experts will deep-dive in your process and will provide you with detailed feedback with regards to feasibility and timeline within two business days.

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