Automagica Bot


The Automagica Bot is the agent that actually performs the jobs from the Automagica Portal.

Get started

You can start the Automagica Bot by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop or by running automagica bot.


After starting the robot you can configure your robot by right-clicking the icon on the bottom right of the screen (installing through the one-click installer takes care of these settings).

  • Portal URL: points to by default. Unless you have a custom or on-premise deployment this should be the default value

  • User secret: this is your personal API key and is used for Automagica OCR and Automagica Wand

  • Bot secret: this secret code is used to link your bot to the Portal

  • Locale: optional argument to change locale

  • Set up auto-start: Enabling this option will enable Automagica robot on Windows startup