Getting started

Installing on Windows

Download Automagica and get started automating within 5 minutes through our website Our one-click installer for Windows in combination with Automagica Flow is by far the easiest way to get started automating.

Minimum hardware requirements are 1(v)CPU 1GB RAM (or min. req. of to-be-automated software) for the robot and 2(v)CPU 8GB RAM (or min. req. of to-be-automated software) for Automagica Flow

By signing up for the Automagica Portal, you also gain access to our specialized OCR-service and our Automagica Wand back-end, which features computer vision powered by machine learning for recognizing UI elements.

Your first automation

There are multiple ways to automate tasks with Automagica. Down below a short overview of the different editors and what type of user it is designed for.

  • Automagica Flow: a visual flow designer to build automations quickly with full support for Python code. Comes with Automagica Wand (UI element picker) integrated.

  • Automagica Lab: notebook-style automation development environment based on Jupyter Notebooks.

  • Bring your own editor: more developer-oriented Automagicians can use Automagica in their trusted Python editor like Visual Studio Code, Sublime, etc..

Unless you are set on using your own editor, we recommend Automagica Flow for both first-time users and more experienced developers. Automagica Flow comes with all the core components installed and offers the possibility to build your automation in both code and a visual canvas with dynamic search and dropdown-menus. In addition, for more seasoned Automagicians and Python developers, Automagica Flow also offers the flexibility to write or import custom Python code (.py) and Jupyter notebooks (.ipynb).