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Automagica 3.0 released!

After some time in Beta, we’re excited to announce that today we’re publicly releasing Automagica 3.0! In our efforts to make building software bots as easy as possible, we’ve added quite some interesting features.

This new version comes with some exciting changes, with the biggest change being the addition of Automagica Flow, our visual authoring experience for building software robots. We have also fully open sourced Automagica Flow and source code can be found on our GitHub!

Our second biggest addition to Automagica is the public release of Automagica Wand. Out of all the experience we’ve built working with other tools and feedback from the community, we learned that identifying and recording the right elements on the screen, such as buttons, form fields, tables, … is the tedious part of automating software.  The Automagica Wand takes all the pain out of picking UI elements on the screen. It uses our cutting edge cloud AI computer vision service to identify GUI elements on your screen. We’ll be offering this service as a public cloud service, however if you are in need for a private deployment with your organization feel free to reach out to us.

Based on feedback from our community we have improved the Automagica Portal with a complete redesign and updated features. Make sure to try it out through our one-click-installer for Windows

The Command Line Interface (CLI) has been fully redesigned as well, and you should be able to launch either Automagica Lab, Automagica Flow and the Automagica Wand straight from the command line!

We are looking forward to learn from your feedback and hear what you automate with Automagica 3.0!