Smart Robotic Process Automation (SRPA)

What exactly is Smart Robotic Process Automation?

Smart Robotic Process Automation, or SRPA, is the evolution of regular RPA: it is RPA combined with Artificial Intelligence. RPA basically means automating interactions with the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of applications and is often applied for automating business processes. By combining RPA with AI, businesses can automate even more processes end-to-end which were out of scope in the past with regular RPA. Examples involve decision making or classification processes, where judgement and intuition are needed in order to move the process forward. By applying various subdomains of AI and machine learning, such as decision trees, classification models, optical character recognition, image feature extraction, natural language processing, … RPA software robots gain access to an important skillset to automate even the most complex processes.

Automagica and Smart RPA

At Automagica, we believe that robot intelligence is crucial for automating business processes. From our broad experience in working with RPA in the past in projects at our clients, we learned that many tasks require some form of intelligence which simply cannot be fulfilled with the software from ‘old school’ RPA vendors.

Automagica Portal

For enterprise and commercial users, we offer our cloud platform, the Automagica Portal, with features that are crucial for enterprises implementing organization-wide software robotics. The Automagica Portal enables companies to continuously monitor and manage their digital workforce (Automagica Bots) and offers collaboration tools for teams to work together and build the automations of tomorrow. The Portal notifies the right people in the company when bots are unavailable (for example due to updates) or when automations finish either succesfully or fail. We also offer intelligent queuing, to make sure you can efficiently use all the resources and even scale up to a multi-robot workforce.

Together with our highly proficient implementation partners, we can support you in the implementation of SRPA in your organization. Are you a company and are you interested in our enterprise offerings or services? Please contact us.