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Automating accounting and financial controlling processes for Adidas

Back-office automation for Adidas AG

Adidas AG, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, is one of the world largest and most famous sportswear manufacturers. RPA is an essential and growing tool within Adidas to manage and modernize hundreds of back-office processes.

For this project we had the opportunity to work in the famous Adidas Campus in Herzogenaurach to work on automating multiple processes in the finance department.

The goal of the project was to share our best practices and know-how to intelligently automate business processes through Robotic Process Automation, in order to increase both quality and speed of internal administration processes.

As a proof-of-technology, two business processes within the Accounting (invoicing) and Controlling (budgeting/forecasting) domain were selected. Within accounting we automated processing and generation of intercompany invoices. The sports brand has a huge amount of subsidiaries, generating thousands of invoices and intercompany recharges. In addition, since Adidas has daughter companies all over the world, business logic was quite complex. Reducing operational risk by eliminating human error in crucial steps led to a faster and leaner process. In the controlling process, for internal reporting requirements Adidas had to generate multiple forecasting and budgetting reports. These reports were created, handled and checked manually and took multiple FTEs to complete.

“We loved working with you and I am sure you will continue this success in the future!”

Mohammed Al Ghadban – Process Automation Manager – Platform Engineering and Architecture

Both processes presented a lot of challenges, such as integrating custom build SAP modules with in-house applications built by Adidas while using smart robotics to meet the highest quality standards. Both processes were successfully automated end-to-end with massive speed, throughput and quality increases as a result.

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Automated applications

SAP, Microsoft Office Excel, Chrome, Custom In-house Software

Implementation partner

Digital Innovation

Automated digital signing of contracts with eID in Retail

For Auva a robot was developed that completely integrates the Belgian government-issued electronic ID within a contract signing process. This allows Auva to provide their customers with a seamless experience when they need to sign a legally binding document from within Auva’s retail stores.

For renting a PC or notebook, Auva provides a range of flexible solutions. In the past, the contract would have to be drafted and filled in by an Auva employee manually, which would quickly take up a couple of minutes with a risk of (human) errors. Now the customer only has to provide his eID and the contract is drafted automatically, ready for signing, reducing the entire process to less than one minute for the customer and reducing the risk of human errors to nearly zero.

Introduced for the first time at their yearly event “ComputerFestival 2018”, Auva now offers their clients and contacts this easier way to sign legally binding contracts with them. Soon the solution will be rolled out to all of their retail stores to further increase the efficiency and reduce waiting times for their customers.

Auva offers end-to-end servicing in IT for small businesses and home users. Their highly specialized personnel is ready to provide you with tailored advice. Check out their website for more information: