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Automated digital signing of contracts with eID in Retail

For Auva a robot was developed that completely integrates the Belgian government-issued electronic ID within a contract signing process. This allows Auva to provide their customers with a seamless experience when they need to sign a legally binding document from within Auva’s retail stores.

For renting a PC or notebook, Auva provides a range of flexible solutions. In the past, the contract would have to be drafted and filled in by an Auva employee manually, which would quickly take up a couple of minutes with a risk of (human) errors. Now the customer only has to provide his eID and the contract is drafted automatically, ready for signing, reducing the entire process to less than one minute for the customer and reducing the risk of human errors to nearly zero.

Introduced for the first time at their yearly event “ComputerFestival 2018”, Auva now offers their clients and contacts this easier way to sign legally binding contracts with them. Soon the solution will be rolled out to all of their retail stores to further increase the efficiency and reduce waiting times for their customers.

Auva offers end-to-end servicing in IT for small businesses and home users. Their highly specialized personnel is ready to provide you with tailored advice. Check out their website for more information: